Our Story

Jamal & Ali Abdulrasheed, Co-Founders

Homegrown in Indiana

Magnolia Green Grooming Co. is a grooming and wellness brand focused on cultivating "deeply-rooted" men. Our beard product line and social platforms provide mediums through which we tackle issues that are historically unaddressed in our communities, such as low self-esteem, intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, anxiety, and more.

Based in the Haughville neighborhood of Indianapolis, IN, Magnolia Green Grooming Co. is changing the narrative surrounding men’s grooming. Our all-natural, vegan-friendly beard and skin moisturizing products meet the needs of men of all ethnic backgrounds and beard types. Made with nothing but authentic ingredients, our products represent real people with real stories.

Our Mission

We are here to serve you. Looking good on the outside requires feeling good on the inside, and we aim to unify every aspect of a man’s life. Your physical health is as important as your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, and it’s time to care for ourselves in full. Our company values reaching out to our community and providing resources for all areas of health and wellness. 

Our Name

Long before the pandemic, our story began when we, two brothers, were only boys. We learned of love, perseverance, and hope while being raised beneath the cool shade of our late grandmother and her Magnolia trees. Our grandmother and family matriarch, Z.L. Robinson, left Mississippi and the Jim Crow South and pursued a new life in the Haughville neighborhood of Indianapolis. She was a lover of good music, and despite her struggle with Alzheimer’s and Dementia in her old age, she never forgot the words to a classic Al Green song. We have fond memories of enjoying Al Green music with our grandmother until her final days. Like the sturdy Magnolia trees and the power of Green’s soulful music, we strive to always celebrate our rich origins and familial legacy.

The Magnolia tree in our late grandmother's backyard.

Our Commitment to Thinking "Green"

Our company also values thinking “Green.” So much so that our name is a double entendre. We believe in providing access to environmentally-friendly products and encourage our customers to consciously consider the effects that mindless consumption and consumerism have on the environment. Additionally, all of our natural beard products are packaged in recyclable materials that can be repurposed, contain natural or organic ingredients, and have proven health benefits.